CRU Parish Online

Order of Service

12 July 2020

(* Done as a congregation)


Silence & Preparation for Worship

Call to Worship: Psalm 138:1-5

Minister: I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; before the ‘gods’ I will sing your praise.
Congregation: I will bow down towards your holy temple and will praise your name, for your unfailing love and your faithfulness, for you have so exalted your solemn decree that it surpasses your fame.

Minister: When I called, you answered me; you greatly emboldened me. May all the kings of the earth praise you, Lord, when they hear what you have decreed.
Congregation: May they sing of the ways of the Lord, for the glory of the Lord is great.

Hymn of Praise: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty*

Prayer of Adoration

All Age Talk 

Profession of Faith

Minister: What do you believe about your forgiveness?

Congregation: We believe that our blessedness lies in the forgiveness of our sins because of Jesus Christ.

Minister: How do you come by such forgiveness?

Congregation:  We are justified freely, or by grace, through redemption in Jesus Christ.  And therefore we cling to this foundation, which is firm forever, giving all glory to God, humbling ourselves, and recognizing ourselves as we are; not claiming a thing for ourselves or our merits and leaning and resting on the sole obedience of Christ crucified, which is ours when we believe in Him.    (Belgic Confession, Art. 23; 1561 A.D.)

Confession & Assurance of Pardon

  • Confession: Isaiah 55:6-7
  • Silent Confession
  • Assurance of Pardon: Jeremiah 31:31-34

Scripture Readings & Sermon

  • 1st Reading: Psalm 37:1-11
  • 2nd Reading: Matthew 5:1-12
  • Sermon: Be Still, and Let God be God

Responsive Hymn: Be Still My Soul*

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Prayers of Intercession
  • Lord’s Prayer*

Closing Hymn: Christ Our Hope, in Life and Death*

Greeting of Peace*

Pastor: Peace of the Lord be with you.

Congregation: And also with you 

Benediction: John 15:9-10

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